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It is difficult for Amazon sellers to avoid account closure, product failure  and customer return due to various reasons, which is a problem that every e-commerce company may encounter. Rachel in the United States  and The United Kingdom can provide amazon services to accept return  and exchange, change the standard, repackage  and deliver goods on behalf of you, so that your products can regain value  and avoid goods loss.

The United States, the United Kingdom overseas warehouse to receive returns, replacement, replacement services. After years of communication with e-commerce customers, our company found that almost all sellers have goods that are overstocked in Amazon warehouse  and cannot be sold from time to time. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The packaging of the goods is damaged during transportation, so it cannot be registered as a new product.

2. LISTING audit is unqualified  or invalid.

3. the defendant infringement of goods, account was sealed.

In fact, 95% of these unsalable goods can be re-sold after processing, because:

1. the packaging of damaged goods, in fact, the goods itself is not damaged.

2. Buyers may just return goods because of personal preference for external packaging.

3. Listing can be solved by creating a new one  or by selling the same product.

An account fell, the goods are still in, change a coat, can also be sent to another account.

The current situation is because most of the sellers are in China, there is no way to deal with these items, so they have to leave it to fate. So, with the passage of time, the amazon warehouse backlog of unsold goods more  and more, excluding storage charges  and destroy of amazon in this charge fees, sellers lost, mainly has been spent on these goods payment for goods, labeling of artificial cost, label cost, freight, tariffs, FBA fee, also expected returns goods. Dealing with the backlog is one of the most embarrassing dissents for Chinese sellers. Even if Amazon could return it, where.

Send it to the transport company to return to China, the freight is too high, let Amazon directly destroy, but also sad to reluctant. To keep them at FBA, Amazon will have to deduct storage fees. Rachel is the right hand man to help you solve these problems  and is the second home for your goods besides the FBA warehouse. Is the key to breaking through many kinds of confusion. Rachel provides repackaging, labeling, transshipment  and resale services in the United States  and the United Kingdom. Our overseas warehouse staff are familiar with Amazon product features  and return rules.

After receiving the returned goods, we can quickly deal with the change of standard, packing  and shipping. With Rachel's Overseas warehouse, you can maximize the use  and sale of all your products. You don't have to pay Amazon for nothing anymore. All the money you didn't intend to get back now comes back.