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RuiQui can undertake all the small packages sent to FBA warehouse  and private warehouse delivery services, we have a professional overseas team, quality delivery service providers, to provide customers with economic, fast service.

Specially-assigned person is responsible for follow-up, specially-assigned person handling, not mixed boxes, all in accordance with customer requirements.

A. Print Amazon label: print the corresponding label of each product according to amazon FBA barcode content requirements.

B. Agent labeling: according to amazon FBA warehousing requirements, each product shall be affixed with the corresponding bar code.

C. Sorting: according to the type  and quantity requirements of amazon FBA storage products, sorting  and packing by boxes.

D. 6*24 hour service follow-up, from receiving  orders to sending to Amazon warehouse are tracked by professional customer service, so that customers feel at ease, at ease  and at ease.