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33 dangerous chemical cabinets, explosive power of Beirut!
A container warehouse fire in Chittagong, southeastern Bangladesh, has raged for more than 40 hours, CCTV Finance reported. More than 100 people, i...... Details
Bill of lading and some codes commonly used in shipping business
I believe that in the actual business operation process and freight forwarding will encounter a lot of professional transportation terms, most of...... Details
31 provinces and cities in April foreign trade report came out! Where do you rank in your province?
From January to April, five provinces and cities, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing, saw their import and ex...... Details
Good news! Shanghai: from June 1, the full resumption of work and production, reduction of storage charges, demurrage charges, logistics handling charges
This round of epidemic has had a huge impact on the economic and social development of Shanghai. With the improvement of the situation, Shanghai ...... Details
FBX us West line freight prices jumped more than a thousand dollars! Freight to stop falling rebound?
Comprehensive latest major shipping index, SCFI, NCFI index have stopped falling orders; WCI major airline index remained stable; The FBX Globa...... Details
Retaliatory shipments coming? The 260,000 TEU cargo at Shanghai Port will surge in and the freight rate may rebound!
According to Drury's latest analysis, the pandemic and port congestion have created problems for the global container distribution system, which ...... Details
Heavy positive! The country cut tariffs on a variety of imported products until the end of December.
Brazil's economy Ministry announced recently that the Brazilian government has officially reduced 11 import tariffs to ease the impact of the country'...... Details
Blockbuster! Special rectification will be carried out against price-gouging and other illegal activities of shipping companies, freight forwarders, storage yards and customs brokers
On May 13, ningbo market supervision bureau issued a notice, deployed throughout the city since mid-may charge enterprises to carry out a six-month re...... Details
What is the FOB price? What should be done once the goods are released without documents?
In fob transactions, the Buyer shall send a vessel to take delivery of the goods and the Seller shall load the goods on a vessel appointed by the...... Details