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1. If you intend to cooperate with Rachel Logistics and agree to use the channels recommended by Rachel Logistics to confirm the price provided by Rachel Logistics, your company should provide the company address, telephone number, fax, email address and contact name. If monthly settlement is required or rachael logistics advance freight is required, a copy of your company's industrial and commercial business license with official seal must be provided. Provide a copy of corporate ID card with official seal and need to sign a transport agreement. Cash and prepaid customers may waive the required information.

2. Please inform our dispatch and customer service personnel by telephone, fax or email if the customer needs to deliver the express mail. Please tell me how many express shipments (quantity and weight) are there and are they ready? Pick up place, pick up time, contact person, contact number, etc. Our company dispatcher will arrange receiving personnel and vehicles to pick up the goods within two hours after the goods are ready.

3. Express is divided into documents (DOX and packages (WPX). Documents are commercial documents, data, bills, etc and have no commercial value in themselves. They are usually shipped in file bags. Note Small pieces of cloth, plastic sheets and other items cannot be shipped as documents.

4. Parcel express shall provide three copies of proforma invoice in the name of the sender company with company seal affixed. The invoice should state the name, quantity, country of origin, customs declared value and other information of the parcel to be sent. Please fill in the product name in English. Special goods (specialized goods) should be provided in English and Chinese. The name of the goods should be detailed and specific, not too general or vague, to avoid customs clearance trouble when the goods arrive at the destination, which may affect the time limit of express. Please provide the packing list of mixed goods. Our company will declare to the customs in strict accordance with the proforma invoice provided by the customer.

5. The waybill shall be provided for all shipments, which shall be stamped by the sender company. The waybill should provide the information of the sender and the receiver. In particular, the information of the recipient must be true and accurate: including the recipient's name, address, postal code (especially important for those going to the United States), telephone number, fax, contact name, etc. Incorrect address and phone number will affect delivery. The waybill also needs to fill in the number of pieces, weight, name of goods, customs declaration value, etc. Freight collect must be marked on the waybill, "C.O.D." red label and the amount of freight collect. If the amount is not specified, it will be charged to the addressee at the destination at the published freight rate. If not marked "freight collect" will be prepaid to the sender. Customs duties are to be paid by the consignee or the sender and a handling charge is to be paid in advance. Please indicate on the waybill if you purchase insurance from isp. Do not mark on the waybill if you buy Pacific insurance or American Asia Insurance. "P.o. Box" addresses are generally not acceptable for express delivery.

6. The chargeable weight of the express parcel is determined by comparing the actual weight (gross weight and the volume weight of the express parcel. The volume weight is calculated by using the longest x widest x highest / 5 of the outer package 000 yields, in centimeters (Cm), less than one centimeter carried to the next centimeter. If the actual weight of the express is 29.5 kg, the volume length of the express is 45.1 cm, the width is 66.3 cm and the height is 49.9 cm, then the volume weight is 46x67x50/5 000 = 30.82 kg. The volume weight is 31 kg. The chargeable weight of the express parcel is 31 kg.

7. Special certificates or customs clearance documents, if the sender provides valid quota, license, certificate of origin, commodity inspection certificate, fumigation certificate and other documents issued by government departments, shall be sealed separately and submitted to our company in a proper manner. If it is not clear in advance, the company will not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by the loss or failure of customs clearance.

8. Handover list: including date of receipt, time of receipt, handover unit, service type order number, number of pieces, real weight, volume weight, product name, country, freight, settlement method, remarks, signature of consignor, signature of consignee, etc. Remarks generally indicate the sender's special requirements. This list belongs to the certificate between the consignor and the consignee, which shall be signed and sealed by both parties as evidence.

9. There are weight and size restrictions on express delivery. Generally, the weight of a piece should be less than 50kg and the length should not exceed 110cm. Please declare in advance if there is any overweight or long express, so as to book space in advance and arrange mechanical shipment. Some countries (such as The United Kingdom, Israel, the Philippines, etc.) stipulate that the weight of a piece should be less than 30 kg.

10. For import articles restricted by the destination customs or articles requiring the consignee to provide customs clearance documents, the consignee shall assist in customs clearance. Customs duties and other charges levied by the customs at the destination on imported express goods shall be paid by the consignee (except for prepaid customs duties).

11.Carriage collect often causes trouble when the addressee refuses to pay. So do freight collect must be careful. There will be a handling charge for freight collected on arrival. In case the addressee refuses to pay, the freight shall be borne by the sender. Customers who request freight collect will first need to provide a guarantee that the sender will pay the freight if the consignee refuses to pay the freight.

12, due to Rachel logistics reasons, in the operation of the fault or negligence of the operator caused by the loss of express, damage, by Rachel logistics compensation. According to the relevant provisions of Warsaw Convention, parcel express shall be compensated according to the customs declared value declared in the proforma invoice, but the maximum value of each parcel shall not exceed usd 100. Free freight for lost documents. Rachel Logistics is not liable for any loss, damage or delay. Any claim should be made in writing within 30 days after Rachel Logistics accepts the express, otherwise Rachel Logistics is no longer liable.

13. If the Courier cannot be delivered due to the wrong address or other reasons or the consignee cannot provide the customs clearance documents and cannot be cleared at the customs of destination, the sender may arrange for the return of the Courier, but the sender must pay the freight required for the return. If you do not want to return it, it can be treated as automatic abandonment and destroyed by the local customs. However, the sender should still pay the freight. Any abandonment costs incurred shall be borne by sender. After the return, the sender should deal with it in time, otherwise the warehouse rent will be incurred.