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The staff of Rachel Logistics should be enthusiastic to customers, enthusiastic to service providers, enthusiastic to all partners and enthusiastic to colleagues. Work with passion, enjoy your work and service, enjoy the trust of your customers, enjoy the success. No matter when, no matter how much setbacks and difficulties, no matter how good or bad the mood, as long as a step into the company, as long as the face of customers, in the face of colleagues, will immediately warm up, with enthusiasm to drive away all the troubles, with smiling face to replace all unpleasant. This is the unique enterprise spirit of Rachel logistics staff.


"Harmony" is the requirement of the country, but also the life of the enterprise. Harmony is power. Harmony can make employees happy, can enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Only harmonious and united team can win in enterprise competition. The people at Rachel Logistics value harmony and unity above all else.


"High efficiency" is the soul of logistics enterprises, but also the requirements of the information age. "High efficiency" is a magic weapon for the success of enterprises, is an important sign of good or bad service. Rachel logistics staff adhere to efficient work, efficient service, efficient do everything.