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How much do temporary inbound and outbound goods know
What are temporary inbound and outbound goods? What goods need to be "temporary" to enter or leave? Is there a time limit for re-shipment?...... Details
Amazon's Prime membership service is booming with more than 5 billion orders for the year
E-commerce giant amazon announced on Tuesday that it delivered more than 5 billion items globally through its membership service, AmazonPrime, in ...... Details
How to solve the loss of Amazon FBA bill of lading?
Amazon FBA header is an international shipping mode that requires a bill of lading to be shipped. However, if the BILL of lading is lost carelessly, ...... Details
What weight limits should containers pay attention to during the initial transportation of Amazon FBA?
Container is an important loading container in the transportation of goods and it is also necessary to use containers for shipping when using Ama...... Details
FBA Logistics warehousing q&A chapter 2
1. FBA sent 5 pieces of products, how can the system show 6? Answer: It does not affect, as long as you make sure that there is no wrong delivery...... Details
In preparation for Black Friday, new amazon sellers will not be allowed to enter the store until mid-October
Some time ago, there was a rumor that the new Amazon account could not be shipped in the peak season and FBA in the United States would not accep...... Details
Amazon FBA logistics lost damaged goods compensation policy!
Amazon FBA logistics lost damaged goods compensation policy!... Details