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31 provinces and cities in April foreign trade report came out! Where do you rank in your province?

Date: 2022-07-05

As of May 24, all 31 provinces  and municipalities have released their foreign trade import  and export statistics for the first four months of 2022.

From January to April, five provinces  and cities, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai  and Beijing, saw their import  and export value exceed one trillion yuan. In terms of exports, in the first four months of this year, China's exports reached 6.97 trillion yuan, up 10.3% year on year. In terms of provinces  and cities, Guangdong ranked first with 1,595.5 billion yuan, up 5.1% year on year. The exports of Guangdong, Zhejiang  and Jiangsu exceeded one trillion yuan from January to April. In terms of year-on-year growth, a total of 26 provinces  and cities registered positive growth, 19 of which exceeded the 10.3 per cent average

No. 1 in guangdong province

Guangdong province, long the country's top exporter, saw its exports grow by 5.1% in the first four months of this year compared with the same period last year. Compared with February  and March, Guangdong's foreign trade in April reversed the downward trend of the previous two consecutive months, in which the export of 45.47 billion yuan, up 13.3%, recovered significantly.

In the first four months of this year, Guangdong's export of mechanical  and electrical products increased by 3.1 percent, accounting for 68.1 percent of the total export value. Among them, the export growth rate of high value-added mechanical  and electrical products is significantly higher than the average growth rate of mechanical  and electrical products: The export of electric passenger vehicles, computers, lithium-ion batteries  and machine tools increased by 1.4 times, 37.4 percent, 38.1 percent  and 12.6 percent, respectively. The export of integrated circuits, electrical equipment, automatic data processing equipment  and their components increased by 7.1 percent, 12.7 percent  and 18 percent, respectively.

No. 2 in zhejiang province

Zhejiang province since this year's foreign trade performance is quite bright, up to April, has maintained a positive year-on-year growth for 26 consecutive months. From January to April this year, the import  and export of Zhejiang continues to grow at a double-digit speed, among which the export is more than one trillion yuan, an increase of 23%. This not only increased zhejiang's export share in the country by 1.6 percentage points, but also surpassed Jiangsu to become the second largest export province in the country. Before this year, Zhejiang had long ranked third.

However, it should also be considered that zhejiang ports such as Ningbo Zhoushan Port absorb part of the supply of goods  originally served by Shanghai port  and even south China port (during the epidemic in Guangdong), which is one of the reasons for zhejiang import  and export to maintain a good situation.

From January to April, the export of mechanical  and electrical products in Zhejiang was 470.63 billion yuan, up 19.7%, accounting for 44.8% of the total export value of the province, driving the export growth of the province by 9.1 percentage points. At the same time, the export of high-tech products was 120.9 billion yuan, up 49.1%, driving the export growth of the province by 4.7 percentage points.

No. 3 in jiangsu province

According to nanjing Customs statistics, in the first four months of 2022, Jiangsu's total import  and export value was 1.66 trillion yuan, up 7.1 percent year-on-year, accounting for 13.2 percent of the country's total import  and export value. Of this amount, exports reached 1.02 trillion yuan, up 6.8%. The cumulative import  and export, export  and import scale of Jiangsu province from January to April is still the highest in the same period in history, but in April, the import  and export of jiangsu province was 370.39 billion yuan, down 11.3% year on year, the first negative growth since June 2020.

According to the foreign trade data in April, the export of mechanical  and electrical products, labor-intensive products  and other traditional advantages in Jiangsu have declined significantly, with the export of mechanical  and electrical products down  and the export of labor-intensive products down 16.2%.

No. 4 in shandong province

In the first four months of 2022, the import  and export of Shandong's foreign trade reached 968.81 billion yuan, up 14.2% compared with the same period last year. It has been a year-on-year growth for 22 consecutive months, 6.3 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate of the country. Among them, the export of 572.71 billion yuan, an increase of 22.7%, from the growth rate, Shandong's foreign trade growth rate in the national top 10 provinces  and cities ranked the fourth, export, import growth rate were ranked the third, the seventh.

In the first four months, the export of mechanical  and electrical products, 19.3% labor-intensive products, 7.4% agricultural products  and 4.9% basic  organic chemicals increased by  and 64.6%, respectively. The above products contributed 15.4 percentage points to the export growth of shandong province. The traditional advantageous industries  and emerging manufacturing industries in Shandong province together provide continuous momentum for export growth.

Shanghai No. 5

Due to the impact of the epidemic in Shanghai, the total import  and export value of Shanghai ports dropped to 16.3% in April from 28.4% at the beginning of the year. Shanghai's exports plunged 43.8 per cent year on year in the same month.

In terms of products, the import  and export of mechanical  and electrical products  and high-tech products in Shanghai fell significantly in April. Exports of mechanical  and electrical products reached 38.135 billion yuan, down 54.5% year on year, imports reached 63.783 billion yuan, down 32.5% year on year. The export of high-tech products was 19.822 billion yuan, down 55.8% year on year  and the import was 35.595 billion yuan, down 40.0% year on year.

However, since late April, Shanghai port cargo volume  and the total value of import  and export gradually picked up, port foreign trade gradually stabilized.

stay up!

May is supposed to be the busiest month for foreign trade companies, but this year the situation is very complicated.

5On May 5, China's regular meeting again focused on foreign trade  and proposed:

First, we will focus on securing  orders  and stabilizing imports  and exports in key  and labor-intensive industries.

Second, we need to effectively  and  orderly dredge sea, air  and port collection  and transportation to improve the efficiency of operations  and customs clearance.

Third, we need to introduce policies as soon as possible to facilitate the return  and exchange of goods for cross-border e-commerce  and support qualified cross-border e-commerce enterprises to apply for new  and high-tech enterprises.

Fourth, we need to increase credit lending to small, medium  and micro foreign trade enterprises, support banks to not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans, pressure loans temporarily trapped, sorting out a group of urgently needed funds to give key support;

Fifth, we will improve services on platforms such as the Canton Fair  and strengthen interaction  and mutual promotion with cross-border e-commerce.

In response to the challenge of export  order outflow, the Ministry of Commerce also said that it would do everything possible to help enterprises seize  orders  and expand the market. On the one hand, it would make good use of major exhibitions such as the China Import Expo, Canton Fair  and China Service Trade Fair to expand the channels for enterprises to receive  orders. On the other hand, we will actively support micro, small  and medium-sized enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions  and connect with overseas buyers.

Foreign traders, hold on!

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